Using DNA to Detect Dark Matter

Particle physicists and biologists unite to answer one of the most puzzling questions of the universe: Does dark matter exist?

By | July 5, 2012

A Hubble Space Telescope image of the Sombrero galaxy, M104NASA

A Hubble Space Telescope image of the Sombrero galaxy, M104 NASA

For decades, physicists have been puzzled by the mystery of the universe’s missing mass. Known as dark matter, this mysterious stuff is thought to be at least five times more abundant than normal matter, and its gravitational pull is believed to shape galaxies and the visible universe itself. However, because dark matter particles don’t absorb or emit light, or even interact with normal matter, definitively proving its existence has been an astronomical challenge.

Enter genetics luminary George Church of Harvard University, who, along with dark matter expert at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Katherine Freese, and others, believes he can use DNA to answer this Nobel-Prize-worthy question.

This motley team of biologists and physicists are currently working on building a dark matter detector made up of many single DNA strands—as long as 10,000 bases each—hanging from thin sheets of gold. Each of these strands will have a unique sequence, and its exact position in the gold sheet will be known. The idea is that every now and then, one of these dark matter particles will slam into the gold sheet, releasing a gold atom that will then plough through the hanging forest of DNA strands. The severed DNA sequences are then collected in a tray and used to recreate the path of the gold atom with nanometer resolution.

The DNA dark matter detector, if built, will not only greatly surpass the resolution of current dark matter detectors, but it will provide information about the directionality of dark matter particles, Technology Review reports. The latter point will be crucial in positively identifying dark matter particles because, depending on the earth’s position around the sun, the planet is traveling with or against a current of dark matter particles. Therefore, knowing the direction in which the particles are hitting the detector will help distinguish between dark matter particle collisions and those caused by unwanted normal radiation. (Hat tip to Wired Science.)

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July 12, 2012

"every now and then, one of these dark matter particles will slam into the gold sheet, releasing a gold atom that will then plough through the hanging forest of DNA strands" but, if the "exact position in the gold sheet " of DNA strands is exact at the beginning?

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July 26, 2012

This is a very interesting article for me.
I developed five years ago a new theory: "Mitochondrial Adam DNA data transmissions theory - ISBN 978-606-92107-1-0"

On my calculation the resonance frequency of the Adam mtDNA QCLs is 30-33 THz

Abstract: Brain and soul storming -
The necessary and sufficient processes to a well function of the human body are
meticulous arranged by specific organizational cells, so called process bio-managers, using interconditioned procedures, transmitted through three ways
of communication: chemical or “protein channelâ€쳌, electrical or “ion channelâ€쳌
and mitochondrial or “EMF wireless channelâ€쳌. The third type is out of the
visible and measurable spectrum and raises a new challenge to the scientist.
For this type of bio communication we bring a new theoretical hypothesis, based
on the managerial multidisciplinary analysis of a cybernetic model proposed by
us, by simulating the human body function with the virtual computerized system
based on the management of its total knowledge and its perfect quality way of
function. The main bricks used for this virtual construction are: the brain, as
main bio-processor, and Eve mtDNA and Adam mtDNA, as bio-antennas. This
assembly of the total knowledge, build with “brain reasoning, biological
feeling, and unlimited soul feelingâ€쳌, is called by us “main decision triangle,
IQ-EQ-CQâ€쳌. The main principle of the management of the total knowledge imposes
us to not neglect the information produced by man during the time, even if it
seems creasy at the beginning (see brainstorming definition). Because in the
natural fertilisation the spermatozoids are naturally equipped with the
paternal mtDNA (it looks like reflex klystron power amplifier, KPA = a
veritable main bio-GPS), we consider that the paternal mitochondria DNA have a
very important role in the evolution of the human being life quality and we
have developed a new hypothesis, “Adam mtDNA theoryâ€쳌, in addition to “Eve mtDNA theoryâ€쳌.

Keywords: brain, mitochondria, maternal, paternal

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