Climate Change Threatens Climate Lab

Wildfires in Colorado, sparked by record temperatures, force the National Center for Atmospheric Research to close its doors for 2 days running.

By | June 28, 2012

NASA" > Wildfires rage across Colorado and New MexicoJeff Schmaltz, MODIS Rapid Response Team, NASA

Wildfires rage across Colorado and New MexicoJEFF SCHMALTZ, MODIS RAPID RESPONSE TEAM, NASA

Smoke from a fire on Bear Mountain clouded the nearby National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) on the University of Colorado campus in Boulder for the past 2 days (June 27 and 28), potentially damaging computer ventilation systems and causing an evacuation.

More than 20 fires rage across Colorado as a warm winter with little snow gave way to a hot summer, with temperatures already topping 100 degrees. NCAR scientist Greg Holland told ScienceInsider he expects more wildfires in Colorado’s future as the climate there gets warmer and drier.

The ironic misfortune has resulted in pre-evacuation orders for residential areas surrounding the campus , which include the homes of many NCAR scientists. "We're not used to this—we don't know what's going to happen to our house, which is right down the street from [the lab],” oceanographer Enrique Curchitser told ScienceInsider. “Also we don't know about the air quality issue, and we're concerned about our kids."

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June 29, 2012

Daniel - you cannot even count. 

The "post" (actually, it's a "comment"...can't you even write properly?) that is "denialist propaganda" is the second one, yours, because it's you the one denying decades of studies in regional impacts of climate change. 

I have the IPCC on my side, what have you got apart from some anti-human cult?

Avatar of: Daniel Dvorkin

Daniel Dvorkin

Posts: 20

June 29, 2012

Keep on digging that hole you're in, buddy.

June 29, 2012

The main difference between alarmists in the UK and the USA is that the former group has smartened up and stopped some time ago the anti-scientific practice of blaming every piece of bad news on "climate change".

There is no way Greg Holland or anybody else can tell if GLOBAL warming will result in LOCAL warming/drying/whatever else in Colorado or anywhere else.

Avatar of: Daniel Dvorkin

Daniel Dvorkin

Posts: 20

June 29, 2012

How did I know that the first post to this story would be some denialist propaganda?  Thanks for not disappointing me, Maurizio.

Avatar of: Edward R. Mikol

Edward R. Mikol

Posts: 1457

June 29, 2012

Stop with the unscientific "climate change" venality.

Climate has never done anything BUT change,

"Panta rhei" as Heraclitus put it.

All is flux.

BTW- whatever happened to good old AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming)?

5 Great Extinctions happened before humans ever evolved.

Were they due to PAGW (Pre-Anthropogenic Global Warming)?

Stick to science, not pseudo-scientific advocacy.

Avatar of: agelbert


Posts: 50

June 30, 2012

Of course! And using your logic and making sure there is never sufficient funding to scientifically establish a causal relationship between anomalous weather events (4 days over 100 degrees F first time in Colorado recorded history) and global warming, there is ALSO no way YOU or anybody else can tell if GLOBAL warming will NOT result in LOCAL warming/drying/whatever else in Colorado or anywhere else.

I guess you have never heard of the precautionary principle.

I hope that sand you've got your head buried in doesn't get too warm soon, Dr. Ostrich, but you never know, do you?

June 30, 2012

Agelbert - your comment has nothing to do with mine. I did not refer to what to do about global warming, or to funding research for causal relationships or anything else. I have stated what we know now, and we know very well that we do not know what'll happen to Colorado in a warming world.

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