“Bigfoot” Samples Yield Opossum DNA

Supposed Sasquatch samples turn out to be a mix of opossum and other known species, according to a new analysis.

By | July 2, 2013

FLICKR, JD HANCOCKEarlier this year, Texas-based company DNA Diagnostics published sequence data from what they claimed was a sample from the Sasquatch. Those samples have since been analyzed by an anonymous but “highly reputable geneticist,” according to the SciGuy blog hosted by The Houston Chronicle, and the results are in: the DNA is in fact a mix of opossum and other species, and not a new primate species.

Back in February, when the Sasquatch DNA paper was published in a newly created journal, geneticists were far from convinced. The evidence presented was at best inconclusive, they said. Shortly after the media kerfuffle died down, lead author Melba Ketchum of DNA Diagnostics called Eric Berger, a science journalist with The Houston Chronicle who had written about the claims, and agreed to provide samples for outside analyses. Berger passed the samples on to what he describes as a “top notch” geneticist. The scientist requested anonymity “because some of his peers would question his engagement on such a topic.”

Berger met with the geneticist last week and asked about the results of the new analysis. “It was, he told me, a mix of opossum and other species,” wrote Berger. “No find of the century.” The “other species,” which are presumably known species, were not named and the sequence data has not been published.

“I’m honestly really disappointed.” Berger added. “But in my world, science is the arbiter of reality.”

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Paul Stein

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July 3, 2013

If any of you recall from earlier this year, when the story first erupted in The Scientist, I asked what blender the sample came from.  We still don't know that, but now we do know its contents.

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July 3, 2013

Finally, a marsupial primate-like animal!  The reason it is so big is because it is chimeric, the newest form of hybrid (chimeric) vigor.

July 7, 2013

I feel that it is absolutely impossible that the information you are printing to the effect that the DNA Results obtained by the Sasquatch Genome Project are not from Homo sapiens cognatus, popularly known as Sasquatch or Bigfoot, has not a remote possibility of being true. 

Your allegations that the DNA evidence obtained is instead are from opossums or "other species" that are not identified, is among the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard.

Anyone who has made any comments that the DNA Evidence points to opossum or "other species" has obviously not read the Article "Novel North American Hominins"  That is extremely obvious to me.

You are saying, in effect, that 34 research organizations, from 14 US States and 2 Canadian Provinces submitted 111 opossum or other (unnamed and unspecified) species, that they belived had come from Sasquatch or Bigfoot.

You are effectivly claiming that the researchers who collected these 111 DNA samples that were studied, many of whom were Ph.D Biologists, are all grossly incompetent.  That is far from the truth.

That claim is refuted extensively in the Article, "Novel North American Hominins" by Denovo.

I will quote from that Article, a relevant portion, regarding screening of the hair samples that were incorporated into the study.


"Prior to DNA analysis, all samples were screened to eliminate common wildlife species using a variety of methodologies including microscopic morphological examination and comparison against a large reference collection of known North American wildlife hair. Further, utilizing several morphological criteria, unusual characteristics were seen in hair texture, diameter ratios, medullary structures and cuticle patterns. The purported Sasquatch hairs also demonstrated elongated hair roots. Taken together, these morphologic differences indicate non-human hair that is also inconsistent with hair from known wildlife species. Over one hundred specimens survived this initial screen and were judged sufficiently different from human and wildlife samples to undergo DNA analysis."

Now does that sound like it is very unlikely that all of the Hair samples could have been from opossum or "other species"?

The hair samples were carefully screened by experts.  That is a FACT.

The mtDNA found by the researchers was not from oppossum or any recognized animal.  It was consistently human.

Another quote from the Article Novel  North American Hominins should make that perfectly clear.


Mitochondrial DNA analysis of all samples tested in three independent laboratories unambiguously confirmed exclusively human haplotypes from several different geographic areas. Further, Supplementary Figures 1, 2, 3, 7, 8 and 9 show six phylogenetic trees from whole mitochondrial sequences that clearly show human mitochondrial DNA. The Figures also support that the mitochondrial genomes derived from the three whole genome samples were consistent with the previous mitochondrial DNA sequences obtained at the beginning of the study.

I would suggest that you ask for proof from your "“highly reputable geneticist,” to back up the claims that he has made.

Dr. Ketchum has publicly refuted his ridiculous assertions and since he refused the offer of samples that he could test for himself, he obviously has no interest in the truth.  He is inevitably one of those people who were taught in college that there was no possibility of an unclassified bipedal hominin in North America.

Bigfoot DNA Believer








July 7, 2013

Another opinion as to the assertion that the Data produced by the University of Texas at Dallas shows that the DNA is from an opposum is refuted by Dr. Haskel Hart:  He communicated the following to Dr. Ketchum:

This is a direct "quote" from Dr. Hascall Hart

"1. The mtDNA of 29 samples is essentially human.

2. The nDNA of three samples (26, 31,and 140) has homology to human nDNA on chromosome 11, but is not entirely human. 

3. The nDNA of three samples(26, 31, and 140) is not related to black bear, raccoon or opossum."

Perhaps your “highly reputable geneticist,” is totally incorrect in his assertion that the DNA comes from opossums or some other species.  I have not seen any proof of those assertions from this anonymous "Expert"

Bigfoot DNA Believer

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