Common Chemicals Damage Sperm

Researchers elucidate a molecular mechanism through which endocrine disrupting compounds compromise the viability of human gametes.

By | May 13, 2014

WIKIMEDIAAdditives known as endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) compromise male fertility by interfering with a membrane-bound calcium channel that normally controls motility of sperm cells, according to researchers in Germany and Denmark. EDCs are used in hundreds of household products—including toothpastes, sunscreens, cosmetics, plastic bottles, and toys—and scientists determined that they can cause fertility problems in previous studies. But a study published in the journal EMBO reports yesterday (May 12) is the first to posit a mechanism for how the chemical additives affect fertility in the human reproductive tract.

“For the first time, we have shown a direct link between exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals from industrial products and adverse effects on human sperm function,” study coauthor and Copenhagen University Hospital researcher Niels Skakkebaek said in a statement.

Skakkebaek and his colleagues tested 96 EDCs and found that about a third of them disrupted the function of an ion channel, called CatSper, in the membranes of sperm cells in vitro. EDCs, at concentrations typical for bodily fluids, added to human sperm opened CatSper channels, causing calcium to rush into the cells. This increased concentration of calcium ions changed the swimming behavior of the sperm, triggering the premature release of digestive enzymes that sperm need to breach the outer layers of egg cells. EDCs also appeared to decrease sperm’s sensitivity to progesterone and prostaglandins, hormones released by egg cells to guide the swimming cells to their ultimate target. “Compare it with your GPS receiving abnormal signals,” Skakkebaek told CNN. “This may result in a wrong destination—read: the sperm may not reach the egg and fertilization may not occur.”

The European Commission is currently reviewing its policies on EDCs. Allan Pacey, a researcher at Sheffield University in the United Kingdom, told the Guardian that the new study is interesting, but should not, in isolation, change the advice that physicians give to their patients regarding EDCs. “Although sperm calcium changes may be seen in the laboratory, this is a long way removed from what might happen in living people,” he said.

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May 13, 2014

Seven years ago, I developed a new theory about human body internal communication based on the mitochondrial bio-magnetic transducers.

Abstract: Adam mtDNA inheritance - ISBN 978-606-92107-1-0

The necessary and sufficient processes to a well function of the human body are meticulous arranged by specific organizational cells, so called process bio-managers, using inter-conditioned procedures, transmitted through three ways of communication: chemical or protein channel, electrical or ion channel and mitochondrial or electromagnetic field wireless channel.

The third type is out of the visible and measurable spectrum and raises a new challenge to the scientist. For this type of bio communication we bring a new theoretical hypothesis, based on the managerial multidisciplinary analysis of a cybernetic model proposed by us, by simulating the human body function with the virtual computerized system based on the management of its total knowledge and its perfect quality way of function. The main bricks used for this virtual construction are: the brain, as main bio-processor, and Eve mtDNA and Adam mtDNA, as bio-antennas.

This assembly of the total knowledge, build with brain reasoning, biological feeling, and unlimited soul feeling, is called by us main decision triangle, IQ-EQ-CQ.

The main principle of the management of the total knowledge imposes us to not neglect the information produced by man during the time, even if it seems creasy at the beginning (see brainstorming definition). Because in the natural fertilisation the spermatozoids are naturally equipped with the paternal mtDNA (it looks like reflex klystron power amplifier, KPA = a veritable main bio-GPS), we consider that the paternal mitochondria DNA have a very important role in the evolution of the human being life quality and we have developed a new hypothesis, Adam mtDNA theory in addition to Eve mtDNA theory. Keywords: brain, mitochondria, maternal, paternal


Because the geneticists eliminate the paternal "bio-GPS" during in vitro fertilization all in vitro made boys are infertiles:


According to this theory, a couple of Adam mtDNA and Eve mtDNA exist only in the xiphoid process and communicate with all internal organs. Because this couple memorizes all the process data, it is possible that it influence magnetically the spermatogenesis, oogenesis, immune system and the heart pulse with negative or positive feedback, according to the information sent by the brain.



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