An Ice Bucket That Never Melts

Electric Ice Bucket Replaces Traditional Ice/Water Baths

By | November 5, 2014

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Use in place of ice buckets and water baths for “always on” cooling. New to tecaLAB’s™ line of laboratory products, the Electric Ice Bucket™ can save time, money and energy as compared to traditional water baths and ice buckets. The Electric Ice Bucket™ is a Peltier driven bench top cooler filled with aluminum tecaLAB™ Thermal Beads™ in place of ice or water. Samples are held securely by the Thermal Beads™- in any orientation- without the need for racks or other accessories. Floating samples are eliminated- samples stay where they are placed. Thermal Beads™ reduce dripping water, floating accidents and the risk of lost samples due to water contamination. tecaLAB’s™ Electric Ice Bucket™ utilizes reliable Peltier cooling technology. Therefore constant cooling is always available and the inconvenience and expense related to ice machines is removed.

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Product Details

tecaLAB ICE-2000

image of: tecaLAB ICE-2000

Electric Ice Bucket

Peak Power160W
Power Requirements100-240VAC, 50/60HZ, 160 W, 12 VDC output UL, CSA and CE compliant

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