New Year, New Lab

Scientists share their 2016 resolutions across Twitter.

By Karen Zusi | January 5, 2016

FLICKR, AMYWith vows to start 2016 on the right foot, scientists on Twitter have found a community of resolution-makers in the kickoffs of #LabGoals2016 by @drugmonkey, #ChemResolutions by @MrMattDavenport, and #SciResolutions by @realscientists. The hashtags have attracted their own niche audiences, but many share common themes.

Inspiration and support

@RBevins: “#LabGoals2016 Facilitate success of my trainees with higher impact experiments, faster turn around on papers, and increased funding #UNL”

‏@okaysteve: “build a synergistic & warm lab where students' and postdocs' goals are priority number 1 bc science is timeless and we are not #LabGoals2016”

‏@Prof_Riggins: “#LabGoals2016 encourage my postdoc to shine.”

Career advancement

@kristindownie: “#SciResolutions 1. bring back the boundary between lab & life 2. submit 2/4 languishing papers 3. find my research direction #LabGoals2016”

‏@DrGlitterbear: “#LabGoals2016 publish 13 manuscripts, get a score on an R01, resubmit 2 R01, 2 PhD student defend, submit tenure application, try not cry.”

‏@EKurdzo: “#LabGoals2016 Publish my dissertation work, defend my PhD, and move onto a new and exciting project as a Postdoc in Boston area”

‏@SKZingales: “My #ChemResolutions and #LabGoals2016 are to pass my pre-tenure review, submit 3 grants, 3 papers, and recruit 3 new students.”

Science outreach

@BiophysicalFrog: “Improve scicomm/tweeting/scicomm tweeting/writing in general. Truly dedicate time to a) writing b) thinking #SciResolutions”

@EllenMellon_88: “@realscientists finish PhD and get back into science outreach and #Scicom #SciResolutions”

@cenewman0: “#SciResolutions Also, do more outreach! Many fun & awesome opportunities to reach Louisianians through @LSU_MNS.@realscientists”


@nano_Kyle: “This year I will clean my nmr tubes immediately after use #chemresolutions”

‏@slavabernat: “My #ChemResolutions for the new year: clean(er) bench and 100% labeled tubes #RealTimeChem”

‏@Dr_JIJ: “I will wash my labcoat more than one a year. #ChemResolutions”

@zenbrainest: “#LabGoals2016 Goals? Geeze we just make it up as we go.”

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