Last Chance to Enter the Fray

You only have a couple of days left to submit a product in The Scientist's Top 10 Innovation competition. Your product can't win if it doesn't get in!

By The Scientist Staff | June 12, 2017

SUBMIT YOUR PRODUCT TODAY!Is there an innovation that is making work and life in the lab more productive or efficient? Or one that has allowed for an entirely new line of inquiry? We at The Scientist want to hear about it. Whether you work for a company that makes a new gadget that is poised to revolutionize life science or you use an innovation-driving tool or technology in your lab, your insight could help us recognize the hottest new products and earn them a coveted spot in The Scientist’s annual Top 10 Innovations list. But your tool, tech, or method can’t win if you don’t submit.

Last year, our judging panel highlighted single-cell Western blot platforms, new CRISPR reagents, a high-powered camera, a SMRT sequencer, and more. As we’ve witnessed from years past, winners don’t just make a splash when they come on the scene, they make a long-lasting and profound impact on research.

We can’t wait to see what products our readers bring to our attention, and with our streamlined submission process, we’ve made it even easier to submit an innovation.

Just make sure that the product you’re entereing was released after October 1, 2016, complete a brief questionnaire, and your submission will be entered in the competition. Submissions must be in to us by August 16, so enter today!


To learn more about the history of our Top 10 Innovations competition, read all about previous years’ winners.


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Avatar of: QC Yong

QC Yong

Posts: 3

June 14, 2017

hello, I realised that i can't type in the survey form/questionnaire (provided by this page). I can only select, but i can't type in any information in the questionnaire. 

Avatar of: KV Powers

KV Powers

Posts: 1

June 15, 2017

When is the submission deadline?

Avatar of: Bob Grant

Bob Grant

Posts: 1028

Replied to a comment from QC Yong made on June 14, 2017

June 20, 2017

Hi QC,

Thanks for alerting us to this problem, which is now fixed. Please submit your product now!


The Scientist

Avatar of: Bob Grant

Bob Grant

Posts: 1028

Replied to a comment from KV Powers made on June 15, 2017

June 20, 2017

Hi KV,

You have until August 16th to submit your product.

Thanks and good luck!

The Scientist

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