ProteinSimple: Milo: Single-Cell Western

Meet Milo. The world’s first Single-Cell Western platform.

By | March 24, 2017

Meet Milo. The world’s first Single-Cell Western platform.

Unlock the single-cell proteome with Milo. Doing conventional Westerns? Milo can help you identify cell subtypes that aren't visible in traditional, bulk Westerns. Have a protein target you can't measure with flow or mass cytometry? Milo uses off-the-shelf, Western-validated antibodies to measure targets that don’t have good flow antibodies and can easily quantify intracellular proteins like phosphorylated proteins, transcription factors, or protein isoforms. Doing single-cell RNA studies? Milo gives you direct protein validation of your single-cell RNA data, so you can be confident that your gene expression results are real. Experiments with Milo are simple. You can get single-cell Western results in about four hours. To learn more, please visit the ProteinSimple website

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