Image of the Day: Bird, Plane, or Cyborg?

Rather than attempting to recreate an insect's dynamic agility with robotics, scientists have created a hybrid that's part dragonfly, part robot. 

By | June 6, 2017




The DragonflEye is a live dragonfly equipped with a tiny electronic pack, powered by a solar cell, that communicates with the insect’s nervous system in order to control its navigation.

“DragonflEye is a totally new kind of micro-aerial vehicle that’s smaller, lighter and stealthier than anything else that’s manmade,” says Draper principal investigator Jesse Wheeler in a news release.

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November 10, 2017

These kinds of technologically advanced drones are now being used by commercial companies to deliver the food and medicines to their clients. As far as the food delivery is concerned, Alphabet was testing the delivery of burritos with Chipotle in the United States, after obtaining permits for their unmanned aircraft to fly over the country, according to the

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