The Scientist Swag: Keep Your Cutaneous Layer Cute

Science T-shirts: The perfect all-weather garment

By | July 12, 2017

As a fleshy, mostly hairless mammal, your skin (i.e., epidermis and dermis) is your primary layer of protection from the elements. Your skin puts up with a lot of abuse, between your long, hot showers, vigorous loofah use, and the nearly constant irradiation from our solar system's star. Help your skin help you by making sure to get dressed every morning in one of our science-themed t-shirts. Show the rest of the world you care about science while caring about your skin. 

While we can't make any direct claims about the SPF offered by our t-shirts, we would like to encourage you to wear protective clothing, eyewear, and sunscreen whenever you're out under the rays of our yellow sun. Seriously, pyrimidine dimers are no joke!

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The Scientific Method


If, sometimes, it seems as though researchers these days could use a refresher on the scientific method, you're not wrong. In fact, most everyone outside of a 6th grade life-science class would probably benefit from keeping the central "rules" of research in the back of their minds. Physically, there's nothing closer to the back of someone's mind than the visual cortex (other than the cerebellum), so wear this shirt and fill their visual field with a reminder of how true scientists ask and answer questions. 

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Earth: I'm With Her


Planet Earth has had a rough time lately. Between the Pluto shakeup of 2006 and the climatological conundrum in which she finds herself today, she hasn't been feeling quite herself. She's a noble chunk of life-sustaining rock, and we should be doing more to support her. This t-shirt will tell all of Earth's inhabitants (and anyone watching from afar) that you're on the side of our blue-green beauty. 

Show your planet pride!





The SciFiles: The Truth is Out There

The SciFiles: The Truth is Out There


Do you want to believe? Well, that's not very scientific of you. Instead, why not allow evidence-based inquiry to guide your belief system? This t-shirt depicts a brave seeker who went searching for truth and found science: "I am compelled to believe by the preponderance of evidence." Have you been compelled to believe in science truths? You're not alone. 

Believe it or not, we've got a t-shirt for you!

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