Image of the Day: 100-Million-Year-Old Flower

Scientists think dinosaurs brushed these ancient flowers into pools of tree resin, creating fossils preserved in amber.  

By | September 21, 2017

Tropidogyne pentapteraGEORGE POINAR JR, OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY A newly described ancient flower, Tropidogyne pentaptera, was found preserved in amber since the Cretaceous period. According to a news release, researchers think it may have gotten stuck in tree resin 100 million years ago, after a dinosaur nudged it from its branches. 

See G.O. Poinar et al., “Tropidogyne pentaptera, sp. nov., a new mid-Cretaceous fossil angiosperm flower in Burmese amber,” Palaeodiversity, 10:135-40, 2017.

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