TS Swag: Shopping for Your Favorite Scientist?

Don't be naughty: Grab one of these t-shirts for your favorite scientist before it's too late.

By The Scientist Creative Services Team | November 22, 2017

Let's face it. Shopping for scientists can be tough. Whether you're elbow-to-elbow in the tissue-culture hood all day, or you only know that they work on something that smells like feet, it can be a challenge to find the right gift for every scientist.

"That DNA is backwards!" 
"Nice try, but mosquitos don't have halteres!"
"Why are the atria and ventricles so horrifically misshapen?"

We've all been there. Which is why we've made some shirts that you can confidently gift to even the most correction-prone scientists. That's not to say that they won't critique the shirt, but you can rest assured that you've done your due dilligence in finding a design that is both accurate AND worth wearing under even the most buttoned-up of lab coats.


Carbohydrates: The Path to Happiness

As you make preparations for the next holiday-season meal (or reparations for the last holiday-season meal), think carefully about stacking the deck in favor of happiness by stocking up on carbs. In case you've forgotten, those tasty rings* may just end up as serotonin. 

Happiness is... a brand new t-shirt.

*while "tasty rings" refers to the six-carbon rings, but it could also apply to doughnuts!



Finches be Speciatin - DJ Chucky D

Charles Darwin's observations while visiting the Galapagos Islands aboard the HMS Beagle have changed the way we think about life on earth. Now we dare you to see finches and not think about how they always be speciatin'.

Honor Darwin's enduring legacy.

RIP DJ Chucky D




I March for Science - Kinesin

Do you know a science superhero? Are they someone who stands up for what's right and doesn't let injustices go unchallenged (or marched for)? Kinesin has been marching for science (and axonal transport) long before it was in vogue. Celebrate your science superheros by helping them dress the part -- cape optional.

Select this super shirt!







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