Secret Eugenics Conference Uncovered at University College London

The university says it is launching an investigation into the meeting, which was held by one of its senior lecturers. 

By Jim Daley | January 12, 2018


A secret conference on eugenics held by a senior lecturer at the University College London (UCL) is under investigation by the university. The meeting, dubbed the London Conference on Intelligence, has taken place annually since 2014 and is attended by white supremacists with ties to neo-Nazi organizations, London Student revealed on Wednesday (January 10).  

Among the conference attendees are Emil Kirkegaard, a “self-taught geneticist” with controversial views on pedophilia and child pornography, and British journalist Toby Young, according to the London Student. Young resigned from the board of UCL’s Office of Students on Tuesday after criticism over sexist statements he made on Twitter, The Guardian reports.

The conference is organized by James Thompson, a UCL senior lecturer in psychology. Thompson has published research that analyzes “gaps” in intelligence between “immigrant and native students” in the past. He is a member of the Ulster Institute for Social Research, an organization founded by Richard Lynn, a British author and white nationalist. Lynn, who spoke at the conference in previous years, is listed as an extremist by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

A spokesperson for UCL says in a statement to the London Student that the conference has been suspended, adding that the university is “an institution that is committed to free speech but also to combatting racism and sexism in all forms,” and will be “investigating a potential breach of its room bookings process for events.”

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Avatar of: GerryS


Posts: 37

January 12, 2018

I am not at all surprised that remnants of the genocide movement still exist occultly and sometimes rear their ugly heads as in this case.

Let us not forget that the eugenics mindset was prevalent among intellectuals in the decades leading up to the Third Reich.  There was a lot of involvement in occultism also among these groups with squabblings about which form of the occult was the best.  Adolph Hitler looked down upon the various occult forms other than the one he advocated and considered them inferior to his.  He adopted his belief in the occult from the teachings of a de-facto apostate Abbot.  In his megalomania (which is the great underpinning of the eugenics movement) he considered himself to be the reincarnation of a number of persons of great nobility.  Other eugenicists such as Margaret Sanger advocated birth control as one of the tools of her "peaceful genocide", which was developed specifically for such a purpose with the motto "more offspring from the fit and less from the unfit.  Likewise, the IQ test was developed for the purpose of identifying "inferior" breeds of human beings, "sub"-human beings, or, "sub-sub" human beings as one advocate of eugenics used to describe the genetic ancestry of persons of African origin.

All I can say to people like this is GROW UP, and let this be a warning to all of us so that we can advocate authentic science and get rid of forms of pseudo-science such as this.

Avatar of: FrancisBacon


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January 13, 2018



To Jim Daley and GerryS : Loosen up.

A super-evil person like Hitler followed eugenics but this is not a reason to sound off, unless of course you were both at the conference and heard something speciic to libel.

The London Student and the Guardian are not exactly impartial sources when discussing science or politics


Avatar of: Howard A. Doughty

Howard A. Doughty

Posts: 10

January 13, 2018

Allow me to address four points:

1. Secrecy

I am not sure exactly what is meant by a "secret conference." If, however, it is a conference which was held "behind closed doors" and especially if it excluded members of the UCL community, I wonder under what authority it was permitted to carry out its activities. Surely the use of university rooms for any purposes other than those of the institution itself must be sanctioned by the institution. We need to hear from the authorities who presumably approved of this event about what they were thinking.

2. By their friends ye shall know them?

Super-nice people like H. G. Wells, G. B. Shaw and the Webbs also "followed eugenics," but so what? The matter of the veracity of eugenics does not turn on the politics ("left" or "right") of those who choose to "follow" it.

3. Libel?

The question is also not about hearing "something speciic sic to libel" (whatever that might mean). Any debate about the suitability of a conference of this sort depends upon general principles about the proper administration of a university and not about the particulars of any one event (although records and transcripts might be useful if the matter ever becomes the subject of a legal contest in the courts or before some sort of administrative tribunal).

4. Free speech vs. Racism and Sexism

I am not certain that the UCL spokesman is correct in framing the question as a contest between "free speech" and "combatting racism and sexism."

Rather, it seems to me that the only issues at stake are:

(a) putting a premium on authentic science and letting the veracity of scientific work speak for itself; and

(b) taking care to withhold permission to use university facilities for political purposes under the guise of presenting an academic conference.

Freedom of speech and, more particularly, "academic freedom" are of utmost importance in any free and democratic society and are essential to any college or university worthy of the name.

Freedom of speech, however, does not imply the obligation of a university either to listen or to provide facilities to those who do not respect authentic academic norms of inquiry.

If "extremists" and "racist" organizations wish to bring their views to public attention, they are at liberty to do so; but, the UCL is under no obligation to provide them with the physical means to do so, much less to lend the presigious name of the institution to their meetings.


Avatar of: Kirsy


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January 13, 2018

Wait till one of this type start to occupy offices as heads of CDC/FDA.....tactical disease shaming (zika? Sars? u-name it), DNA-shaming, from the Anglo-sphere vs geopolitical targets will begin in earnest.  We have seen hints of trial balloons of this behavior already. wow.

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