Mitochondrial DNA Plays a Role in Metastasis

Experiments in mice show that mitochondria, both within the tumor and beyond, can make the difference between promoting or inhibiting cancer spread.

By Kerry Grens | April 18, 2018

ISTOCK, WIR0MANThe mitochondrial genome of mice is only 16 kilobases long, comprising just 37 genes, yet its polymorphisms appear related to the metastatic potential of cancer, researchers report at the American Association of Cancer Research annual meeting in Chicago today (April 17). Researchers swapped the nuclear and mitochondrial DNA among several mouse strains and observed changes in immune function, microbiome composition, metabolomics, and tumor spread that tracked with mitochondrial type.

“People just assume something of 16 kilobases couldn’t be that critical for something so complicated,” Danny Welch, a cancer biologist at the University of Kansas Medical Center who presented his lab’s results, tells The Scientist.

The latest, unpublished findings build upon a 2017 report in Cancer Research by Welch’s group that showed that the mitochondrial genome was tied to the speed of cancer growth and metastasis. Mice of a strain called FVB that had inherited mitochondria from either of two other strains took longer to form tumors and had less tumor spread than mice with native FVB mitochondria, Welch and his colleagues reported.

In the latest experiments, the researchers took cancer cells with the mouse strains’ original nuclear and mitochondrial genomic backgrounds and infused them into mice with either original or swapped mitochondrial DNA. This set-up gave the investigators a look at how mitochondrial DNA in tissues outside the tumor might affect cancer spread. Again, the team found that the amount of metastases was tied to mitochondrial type. “We were so shocked by the data we repeated it three times over the course of the year with 10 mice per experiment,” Welch said during his presentation.

The new data point to possible hints as to how mitochondria might contribute to metastasis—namely, Welch and colleagues found immune, microbial, and metabolic, changes associated with mitochondrial background that they are now pursuing with follow up investigations.

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April 27, 2018

Dear The Scientist Redaction,

“People just assume something of 16 kilobases couldn’t be that critical for something so complicated,” Danny Welch

First excuse my English because I learned this language alone.

I am enrolled in doctoral at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca with a theme that begins to take shape in the scientific world:

Extrasensory bio-communications.

Excuse my boldness to address to you a problem of convergence of the science with world religions exposed by me in my books:

(only first book is integral translated in English and the last contains only scientific references in English).

Because I proposed to genetically certify GENESIS not to many scientists communicate with me.

I am electronically engineer specialized in wireless and satellite communications and, because the mitochondrion structures looks like antennas for communication, I speculated that the paternal mitochondria is the biological antenna for GOD and CREATION communication (30-33 THz - no material obstacles) and maternal mitochondria is the biological antennas for communication only with CREATION (5-30 GHz) but in a limited area.

Because geneticists consider that paternal mitochondria it is not inherited and do not have any purpose in the body they eliminates Adam mtDNA during IN VITRO FERTILISATION.

The simply logic to dispute this error is the presence of Adam mtDNA in the naturally borne man's sperm and the failure of this in the sperm of IVF man.

Now, during IVF the geneticists can introduce a CIP in the brain to control the body reactivity. Please see my comment on:   Where can we look the truth?  

Allan Sandag : "The nature of God is not to be found within any part of the findings of science. For that, one must turn to the Scriptures." (

As the astronomer Allan Sandag said, I turned to Scriptures and I found in:

- Mathew 23.15 one explanation that is similar with Voodoo Zombie and Austen Heinz (Cambrian Genomics) declaration:  Being able to control consciousness through genetic engineering combined with electronics may be the most significant work human beings will ever do. -

- 1 Peter 2.7 - "the stone that the builders rejected" is Adam mtDNA

- Paul, Hebrews 4.12 - the place of the divine couple of the paternal and maternal mitochondria that contains all genome data - "For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart."

Because in Romania I didn't found the endowed genetically laboratories, I ask you if you have the possibility to make genetic test in the place recommended by Paul (the connection of the xiphoid process with the sternum) to find the main biological antennas for human wireless communications, Adam mtDNA and Eve mtDNA, "male and female" (Mathew 19.4) that contains all genome data.

If we joint this information with Genesis 2.21-24 and 3.15 we can prove genetically the GENESIS.

Thank you for your permision to accept my comments on this site and thank you for your answer whatever wiil be.


Be the one or be the other, but little does it awe,

Gladly shall we take our fare, either peace or war.

(Satire III, Mihai Eminescu - the most famous Romanian poet)

Sincerely yours,

PhD student engineer Alexandru Cosciug


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