A composite headshot of Camila Behrensen (left) and Pablo Guzmán Palma (right)
Two Allegedly Murdered Scientists Found in Apartment Fire
Amanda Heidt | Oct 5, 2022
Emergency responders arrived at a structure fire in Kansas City to find the two graduate students suffering from “apparent trauma” before they were declared dead at the scene.
Fluorescent microscopy images of cells after being transfected.
Universal Transfection Reagents: Improving Efficiency and Decreasing Cell Toxicity
The Scientist Creative Services Team, MilliporeSigma, and Roche
Researchers optimize their transfection protocols with the ideal transfection reagent that has multiple applications, low cytotoxicity, and high transfection efficiency.
outline of a brain slice with white patch surrounded by teal
Astrocytes Feed Glioblastoma, Promoting Tumor Growth: Mouse Study
Patience Asanga | Oct 5, 2022
Starving glioblastoma tumors of the cholesterol made by astrocytes could suppress brain cancer progression.
blue-gloved hands pipetting from test tube
What’s Next for Ancient DNA Studies After the Nobel?
Mary Prendergast, The Conversation | Oct 5, 2022
The award highlights tremendous opportunities for aDNA as well as challenges related to rapid growth, equity, and misinformation.
One Sequence, Many Variations
Van Andel Institute
Andrew Pospisilik explores the epigenetic changes that give organisms the plasticity to change in response to their environments.
Beachfront houses on a sunny day
Florida Labs Largely Unscathed After Brush with Hurricane Ian
Katherine Irving | Oct 5, 2022
The path of the storm allowed many researchers to make it through without incident, but they stress that the result could easily have been different.
Illustration of the winners of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Biocompatible Reactions In Living Cells Garner Chemistry Nobel
Katherine Irving | Oct 5, 2022
This year’s award recognizes Carolyn Bertozzi, Morten Meldal, and K. Barry Sharpless for developing click chemistry and bioorthogonal chemistry.
Medical and medicine laboratory stock photo
The Importance of Growth Factor Quality in Organoid Cultures
The Scientist Creative Services Team and Sino Biological
Optimizing organoid growth using pure, highly active, and consistent growth factors.
A dead northern gannet (Morus bassanus) on a beach
Unprecedented Avian Flu Epidemic Could Presage Year-Round Outbreaks
Christie Wilcox | Oct 4, 2022
Nearly 50 million birds have been culled amid efforts to mitigate the spread of the virus, which continues to ravage the Northern Hemisphere.
Svante Pääbo with a skeleton
Svante Pääbo Awarded Nobel for Paleogenomics
Shawna Williams | Oct 3, 2022
The geneticist’s accomplishments include sequencing Neanderthal DNA and leading the project that identified a new species of hominin, the Denisovans.
Realizing the Potential of Spatial Biology for a Noncanonical Model
Realizing the Potential of Spatial Biology for a Noncanonical Model
The Scientist Creative Services Team
In this webinar, Shaye Hagler will discuss the unexplored capabilities of ChipCytometryTM Spatial Multiplexing Technology for advancing spatial biology research.
a fuzzy black and tan beetle chews on the bark of a pine tree sapling, whose needles can be seen in the background
Pine Trees’ Fragrances Help Neighbors Battle Bark Beetles
Katherine Irving | Sep 30, 2022
Polluted air impedes the trees’ ability to read one another’s signals, a study finds.
Illustration of intestine containing pink microbes
Fungal DNA, Cells Found in Human Tumors
Catherine Offord | Sep 30, 2022
It’s not clear whether, or how, the organisms might play a role in disease pathology.
Characterizing Protein Oligomerization Dynamics with Automated Mass Photometry
Characterizing Protein Oligomerization Dynamics with Automated Mass Photometry
The Scientist Creative Services Team
In this webinar, Gareth Rogers will discuss how mass photometry and automated mass photometry work using case studies that evaluated the oligomeric status of proteins.