Alcohol bottles at a bar
Epigenome Editing Decreases Alcohol Seeking and Anxiety in Rats
Natalia Mesa | May 20, 2022
A CRISPR-based system that reverses epigenetic changes caused by adolescent binge drinking reduces adult addiction-like behaviors in rats, a study finds, suggesting that an epigenomic approach could someday help treat people with alcohol use disorder.
Man leaning against a bookshelf
Sheldon Krimsky, Leader in Science Policy and Ethics, Dies at 80
Lisa Winter | May 19, 2022
Krimsky warned strenuously about the corrupting power of money in science.
Grey and white image of transmission electron tomography of monkeypox virus
US Case Adds to Unusual Monkeypox Outbreak
Natalia Mesa | May 19, 2022
Experts are scrambling to understand clusters of the normally rare disease that have been reported in Europe and North America in the last month.
Two adult bottlenose dolphins and one calf swim close to a sandy seafloor that’s dotted with coral.
Study Suggests Dolphins Use Coral Mucus as Medicine
Dan Robitzski | May 19, 2022
Researchers observe that dolphins in a pod in the Red Sea regularly rub against certain corals and sponges, perhaps to sooth their skin by prompting the invertebrates to release mucus that contains antimicrobial compounds.
illustration of purple mitochondrion within a cell
Rogue Mitochondria Turn Hermaphroditic Snails Female: Study
Patience Asanga | May 19, 2022
The accidental finding marks the first time a phenomenon called cytoplasmic sterility, known to occur in plants, has been found in animals.
A clinician (off screen) wearing blue gloves presses a diapered infant’s heel against a paper card to collect blood samples.
Did Researchers Really Uncover the Cause of SIDS?
Dan Robitzski | May 18, 2022
An interesting but preliminary biomarker study’s reception illustrates the challenges of conducting and communicating nuanced research in the era of social media.
A drawing of pseudostratified gut epithelial cells in the early intestines, cells in red and nucleus in purple.
Move Over Apoptosis: Another Form of Cell Death May Occur in the Gut
Natalia Mesa | May 18, 2022
Though scientists don’t yet know much about it, a newly described process called erebosis might have profound implications for how the gut maintains itself.
The fossil tooth found in the Annamite Mountains in Laos
Ancient Tooth Could Be Clue in Denisovan Migration Mystery
Andy Carstens | May 18, 2022
The new fossil from Laos helps answer the question of how some people from Oceania carry DNA from the ancient hominin.
Two bonobos facing each other on a tree branch
Q&A: In Battle of the Sexes, Dominance Doesn’t Always Equal Power
Raegan Scharfetter | May 18, 2022
The Scientist spoke to hyena researcher Eve Davidian for a broad look at power relationships between male and female mammals.