Each year until 2017, The Scientist collected data via a Web-based survey on salaries throughout the life sciences. We compare incomes in different sectors, in various disciplines, and at different points in one's career. In 2013, we opened up our survey to our international readership, inviting researchers from around the world to contribute their data. Results from The Scientist’s recent surveys are below.

Recent Features

2017 Life Science Salary Survey

Industry professionals make more than academic researchers, but for professors, it may not be about the money.

2016 Life Sciences Salary Survey

Most researchers feel stimulated by their work but are dissatisfied with their compensation, according to this year’s results.

2015 Life Science Salary Survey

This year’s survey highlights dramatic regional, sector, and gender variations.

2014 Life Science Salary Survey

This year’s data reveal notable variation in compensation for life scientists working in different fields, sectors, and regions of the world.

2013 Life Science Salary Survey

The Scientist opened up its annual Salary Survey to our international readers for the first time, revealing stark differences between average pay in the U.S., Europe, and the rest of the world.


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