Armed & Ready

Volume 28 Issue 4 | April 2014

Cover Story

Deploying the Body’s Army

By Jamie Green and Charlotte Ariyan | April 1, 2014

Using patients’ own immune systems to fight cancer

Featured Articles

image: Metals on our Mind

Metals on our Mind

By Anthony White | April 1, 2014

A dramatic loss of copper in key brain regions may be central to Alzheimer’s disease. Could restoring metals in the brain help?

image: Overcoming Resistance

Overcoming Resistance

By The Scientist Staff | April 1, 2014

In the face of bacterial threats that can evade modern medicines, researchers are trying every trick in the book to develop new, effective antibiotics.




Meet some of the people featured in the April 2014 issue of The Scientist.


Search and Destroy

Turning a patient’s immune cells into cancer-fighting weapons

Speaking of Science

Speaking of Science

April 2014's selection of notable quotes


Fluke Forces

Dolphins prove that they rely on muscle power, rather than a trick of fluid dynamics, to race through water at high speeds.

Getting Down to Business

Is there a genetic component to entrepreneurial success?

Have Herpes, Will Travel

Insight into the geographical clustering of a viral genome comes from an unexpected source.

Dermatologically Derived

Inspired by turkey skin, researchers devise a bacteriophage-based sensor whose color changes upon binding specific molecules.

Critic at Large

Fighting Cancer with Nanomedicine

Nanotechnology-based therapeutics will revolutionize cancer treatment.

Stem Cells Off the Line

Researchers work to improve the efficiency of cell therapy manufacturing, while developing procedures to ensure consistent quality.      

Modus Operandi

Molecular Multitasker

Scientists create a way to isolate mRNA from a single living cell within a tissue.

The Literature

Going Long

Researchers discover a tool to trigger an uncommon strategy cancer cells can use to lengthen their telomeres.

Stem Cell Alter Egos

Researchers show that cancer stem cells can exist in two distinct and interconvertible states.

Elusive Receptor ID’d

Scientists identify an extracellular ATP receptor in plants.


Commander of an Immune Flotilla

With much of his early career dictated by US Navy interests, Carl June drew inspiration from malaria, bone marrow transplantation, and HIV in his roundabout path to a breakthrough in cancer immunotherapy.

Scientist to Watch

Maria Spies: Molecular Machinist

Associate Professor, Biochemistry, University of Iowa, Age: 40

Lab Tools

Capturing Cancer Cells on the Move

Three approaches for isolating and characterizing rare tumor cells circulating in the bloodstream

High-Density Info

New developments in protein array technology


The Working Vacation

Sabbaticals are one of the perks of the academic life. They may seem daunting to implement, but the time away could prove invaluable to your career.  

Reading Frames

Future Minded

Imagine consciousness traveling at the speed of light.

Capsule Reviews

Capsule Reviews

Cancer Virus, A Window on Eternity, Murderous Minds, and The Extreme Life of the Sea


New Blood, circa 1914

World War I provided testing grounds for novel blood-transfusion techniques.

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