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Rob D'Angelo, VP, Group Publishing Director  | Contact

As the publisher of The Scientist, Rob brings more than 20 years of experience managing successful B-to-B media organizations within the pharma and life science industries. He has served as sales director at BioTechniques; president of the BioScience Group at Informa Business Information; and publisher at Advanstar Communications and Thomson/Medical Economics.


Bob Grant, Editor in Chief | Contact

Bob started with The Scientist as a staff writer in 2007. Before joining the team, he worked as a reporter at Audubon and earned a master’s degree in science journalism from New York University. In his previous life, he pursued a career in science, getting a bachelor’s degree in wildlife biology from Montana State University and a master’s degree in marine biology from the College of Charleston in South Carolina. Bob edits Reading Frames and other sections of the magazine.

Jennifer “Jef” AkstManaging Editor | Contact 

Jef got her master’s degree from Indiana University in April 2009 studying the mating behavior of seahorses. After four years of diving off the Gulf Coast of Tampa and performing behavioral experiments at the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, she left research to pursue a career in science writing. Jef edits the magazine’s Features and writes articles across the publication.

Kerry Grens, Senior Editor and News Director | Contact

Before returning to The Scientist in 2013, Kerry was the senior health and science reporter for WHYY in Philadelphia, and, later, a stringer for Reuters Health. Her first tenure at TS began in 2006 as a staff writer. As news director, Kerry assigns, edits, and sometimes reports breaking news and in-depth features for the website. She also manages the online news blog and opinion column. She has a master’s in biological sciences from Stanford University and a biology degree from Loyola University Chicago.

Catherine Offord, Associate Editor | Contact

After undergraduate research with spiders at the University of Oxford and graduate research with ants at Princeton University, Catherine left arthropods and academia to become a science writer. She has worked in various guises at The Scientist, starting as an intern in early 2016 before becoming a correspondent. As associate editor, she now writes articles for the online and print publications, and edits the magazine’s Notebook, Careers, and Bio Business sections.

Shawna Williams, Senior Editor | Contact

Shawna joined The Scientist in 2017. She holds a bachelor's degree in biochemistry from Colorado College and a graduate certificate and science communication from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Previously, she worked as a freelance editor and writer, and in the communications offices of several academic research institutions. Shawna oversees The Scientist's social media channels and edits the Modus Operandi, Literature, and Foundations sections of the magazine.

Lisa Winter, Social Media Editor | Contact

Lisa joined The Scientist in 2017. As social media editor, some of her duties include creating content, managing interactions, and developing strategies for the brand’s social media presence. She also contributes to the News & Opinion section of the website. Lisa holds a degree in Biological Sciences with a concentration in genetics, cell, and developmental biology from Arizona State University and has worked in science communication since 2012.

Ashley Yeager, Associate Editor | Contact 

Ashley joined The Scientist in 2018. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and a master’s degree in science writing from MIT. Previously, she worked as a freelance editor and writer, a writer at the Simons Foundation, and a web producer at Science News, among other positions. Ashley now writes and edits articles for the online and print publications.

Amanda Heidt, Intern Contact

Amanda is a freelancing science writer living in the Bay Area. Midway through her master’s degree in marine science, she realized how few scientists felt comfortable engaging with the public about their work. She challenged herself to share her research and ultimately went on to complete a second master’s in science communication at the University of California, Santa Cruz. At The Scientist, she writes content for both print and online.

Ruth Williams, Correspondent

Following a PhD in genetics from King’s College London and postdoctoral studies at Imperial College’s MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, Ruth jumped the science ship to be an editor for Nature Reviews Neuroscience. She then jumped country to become a news editor for the New York-based Journal of Cell Biology before landing happily in the freelance writer realm. Ruth has been contributing to The Scientist since 2011 and is a regular news correspondent and Modus Operandi writer.

Abby Olena, Correspondent

Abby got her start in science journalism in 2013 as a AAAS Mass Media Fellow at the Chicago Tribune. After serving as an intern for The Scientist and finishing up a PhD studying zebrafish retinas at Vanderbilt University, she was a science communication postdoctoral fellow at Duke University, where she created and taught courses to help scientists communicate their research. As a correspondent for The Scientist, she reports on new developments in life science for the

Greg Brewer, Creative Director | Contact

Greg joined LabX Media Group (LMG), which publishes The Scientist, in April 2008. Before coming to LMG, Brewer studied advertising and graphic design at Humber College in Toronto in 2000. Brewer has taken on numerous creative roles, designing elements for many of the company’s brands and heading up custom projects for advertisers. He now resides in his hometown of Midland, Ontario.

Erin Lemieux, Art Director | Contact

Erin joined The Scientist in September 2012. Prior to coming to TS, she was a junior graphic designer at Fizzz Design Corp. in Toronto, Canada. She has a bachelor's degree in graphic design from OCAD University, and now resides in her hometown of Midland, Ontario.

Ashleigh Campsall, Graphic Designer | Contact

Ashleigh joined LabX Media Group in September 2019. She works alongside the company’s brands to create custom content and formats The Scientist publication for our digital audience. Ashleigh graduated with a certificate in art and design fundamentals and an advanced diploma in graphic design from Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario.

Ashley Haire, Associate Sales Director | Contact

Ashley joined LabX Media Group in 2007 as the marketing coordinator, moving into an account manager position with LabX and Lab Manager shortly after. In November 2011, she became a senior account executive with The Scientist when the brand joined LabX Media Group. She has a bachelor of commerce honours degree from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada.

Anita Bell, Senior Account Executive | Contact

Anita started with LabX Media Group in July 2013 and worked as a Customer Account Manager for In April 2014, she joined the team at The Scientist. Anita graduated from the Journalism program at Humber College and studied Canadian History at York University in Toronto.

Karen Evans, Senior Account Executive | Contact

Karen joined The Scientist in April 2016. She has spent more than 15 years in the life science industry, working in several marketing and sales roles. Before joining the team, Karen worked as a director of sales and marketing for Proliant Biologicals, as well as a senior account executive at Biocompare. Karen received a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in business administration from East Carolina University.

Dana Sizing, Senior Account Executive | Contact

Dana started with The Scientist in August 2019 bringing with her 20 + years experience in marketing and sales roles within the life sciences industry. She was the Director of Business Development at Acumen Detection and has held sales and marketing positions at Invitrogen, Genalyte, EMD Millipore and Lonza. She was also a research associate at Syracuse University and Immunogen, Inc. Dana received a bachelor’s degree in biology from Syracuse University and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in business administration from SUNY Oswego.

Amanda Purvis, Business Development Coordinator Contact

Amanda joined LabX Media Group in March 2019 as the Business Development Administrator for The Scientist. With a background in marketing, graphic design and media sales, Amanda brings with her 15+ years in the industry. Amanda studied Art and Design at Georgian College.

Katie Prud'homme-Aitken, PPL Marketing Coordinator | Contact

Katie began her journey with LabX Media Group in January 2017 as the Sales and Marketing Coordinator for The Scientist Events. In November 2017, she joined The Scientist Admin team working as the Sales Operation Coordinator. She studied at the University of Guelph-Humber and graduated with honours and received a Bachelor's degree in Applied Arts in Media Studies and a Diploma in Media Communications with a specialization in Public Relations.

Meaghan Brownley, Multimedia Marketing Coordinator  | Contact

Meaghan joined LabX Media Group with The Scientist team in June 2017 as a Social Media Coordinator. She soon advanced to leading the webinars program, coordinating over 60 events to date, and now also manages the sponsored social media programs with the Creative Services Department. She studied English Literature and French at the University of Toronto and also, Marketing and Advertising at Georgian College.

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