Antibodies are among the most common reagents used in both research and clinical laboratories. Yet, there are no standard guidelines in place when it comes to manufacturing, validating, and using antibodies. Antibodies are often found to be not as specific, selective or reproducible as they are claimed to be and researchers still continue to take these claims at face value, without understanding or addressing the need to have antibodies validated for their specific use.

This free, educational webinar provides an opportunity for a global audience to get-together, as a part of a live forum, to share their experiences and concerns. Our panel of experts will be able to offer advice on what can be done to help solve common problems associated with antibody use, as well as, what should be done as a community to address this issue at large.

Topics to be covered:

  • The pitfalls of working with antibodies...

Meet the Speakers:

Dr. C. Glenn Begley
Chief Scientific Officer and Senior Vice President
Research & Development
TetraLogic Pharmaceuticals


Dr. David L. Rimm
Departments of Pathology and Medicine
Yale University School of Medicine


Dr. Anita Bandrowski
Center for Research in Biological Systems
University of California, San Diego
Project Lead
Neuroscience Information Framework



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