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Bianca Nogrady

Bianca Nogrady is a freelance science journalist and author who is yet to meet a piece of research she doesn't find fascinating. In addition to The Scientist, her words have appeared in outlets including Nature, The Atlantic, Wired UK, The Guardian, Undark, MIT Technology Review, and the BMJ. She is also author of Climate Change: How We Can Get To Carbon Zero, The End: The Human Experience Of Death, editor of the 2019 and 2015 Best Australian Science Writing anthologies, and coauthor of The Sixth Wave: How To Succeed In A Resource-Limited World. She is based in Sydney, Australia.

Articles by Bianca Nogrady
spikes of white coral underwater
Great Barrier Reef Suffers Sixth Mass Bleaching in Two Decades
Bianca Nogrady | May 14, 2022
A survey showed that 91 percent of the reef experienced bleaching despite this year’s cooler, wetter conditions associated with the La Niña weather pattern.
hands of a person checking their blood glucose level with a monitor
Growing Evidence Ties COVID-19 to Diabetes Risk
Bianca Nogrady | May 3, 2022
Studies suggest SARS-CoV-2 infection could trigger the development of diabetes in some people, even those with no other risk factors.
Bacteria on the skin
Biotech Tries Manipulating the Skin Microbiome
Bianca Nogrady | Apr 18, 2022
Researchers are revealing the complexity of the microbial community living on the body—and paving the way for new bacteria-targeting treatments for acne and other dermatological conditions.
outside view of flooded research greenhouses
Flooding and Storms Wreak Havoc for Australian Scientists
Bianca Nogrady | Mar 4, 2022
Record-breaking rainfall has caused widespread flooding and devastation in Queensland and New South Wales, forcing the closure of some university campuses.
Shot of a young woman using a computer while working in a laboratory
Pandemic Amplifies Postdoc Struggles
Bianca Nogrady | Dec 28, 2021
Postdoctoral fellows faced challenges before COVID-19 changed the way academia functions, and these early career scientists report that things have only gotten harder.
elongated blue bacterial cells on a reddish-brown background
Gut Microbiome May Help or Hinder Defenses Against SARS-CoV-2
Bianca Nogrady | Aug 31, 2021
The health of the microbial community is associated with COVID-19 severity, but it’s not yet clear if the relationship is causal.
illustration of multiple clocks arranged in the shape of a brain
How Early-Morning Light Exposure Makes Mice Less Depressed
Bianca Nogrady | Jul 22, 2021
A light-sensitive gene involved in regulating the body clock may also influence mood, mediating the effect of light.
black mice in clear plastic cages with bedding
Australian Research Faces Impending Scarcity of Lab Rodents
Bianca Nogrady | Jul 20, 2021
The Australian biomedical research community is stunned by the announced wind-down of the country’s biggest supplier of mice and rats.
Mice Plague Eastern Australia in Record Numbers
Bianca Nogrady | Jul 12, 2021
A population explosion that began late last year has yet to abate. Meanwhile, researchers are exploring novel approaches to combat the nonnative species.
K’gari-Fraser Island wildfire australia
World’s Largest Sand Island Devastated by Wildfire
Bianca Nogrady | Dec 9, 2020
An illegal campfire sparked a blaze that has burned half of the unique Fraser Island off Australia’s East coast.