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Clare Watson

Clare Watson is a freelance science journalist and fact-checker with a background in biomedical science. In addition to The Scientist, her work has appeared in NatureUndarkThe GuardianHakai MagazineCosmos, Australian Geographic, and the 2021 Best Australian Science Writing anthology. From her home south of Sydney, Australia, she writes about everything from energy deficiencies in elite athletes and seafood fraud to the hype about hydrogen and stem cell therapies. Read more of her work at www.clarewatson.com.au.

Articles by Clare Watson
A colored microscope image of a cross section of a human artery filled with fatty plaques
Protein-Recycling Process Protective Against Arterial Plaques
Clare Watson | Aug 1, 2022
A team of scientists has found that in mice, a cellular housekeeping pathway protects against a major cause of heart attacks and strokes.
A microscope image of Legionellales bacteria infecting a protozoan
Ancestral Bacteria May Have Invaded Early Eukaryotic Cells
Clare Watson | Jun 1, 2022
The discovery that a group of cell-infecting bacteria lived roughly 2 billion years ago stirs a longstanding controversy around which came first: phagocytosis or mitochondria.
An artist's rendering of the ancient arthropod Erratus sperare
Anatomical Firsts in Early Arthropods
Clare Watson | Jun 1, 2022
A team of scientists have discovered an ancient arthropod that may show the origins of branched limbs and the first gill-like breathing structures in the clade.