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Ida Emilie Steinmark, PhD

Emilie joined the Scientist as an assistant editor in 2023 after writing for publications such as the Guardian, Scientific American, and STAT. She has a degree in chemistry and a PhD in biophysics, but she enjoys writing about everything from ancient DNA to organoids. She lives in Brooklyn, where she can often be found searching for songbirds with her binoculars. 

Articles by Ida Emilie Steinmark, PhD
Cas9 enzyme
Molecular Glue ‘Shreds’ Cas9 and Enables a New Form of CRISPR Control
Ida Emilie Steinmark, PhD | Apr 26, 2023 | 3 min read
In a bid to address safety concerns about immune reactions during treatment with CRISPR-based therapeutics, a new technique speeds up how quickly the body destroys the DNA-cutting enzyme Cas9.