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Jennifer Zieba, PhD

Jen earned her PhD in human genetics at the University of California, Los Angeles. She is currently a project scientist in the orthopedic surgery department at UCLA where she works on identifying mutations and possible treatments for rare genetic musculoskeletal disorders. Jen enjoys teaching and communicating complex scientific concepts to a wide audience and is a freelance writer for The Scientist's Creative Services Team.

Articles by Jennifer Zieba, PhD
Mini organs in a dish
Brush Up: What Are Organoids and How Are They Made?
Jennifer Zieba, PhD | Aug 11, 2022
Miniaturized, in vitro versions of organs provide insights into disease and development.
COVID-19 vaccine vials
COVID-19 Vaccines Induce Better Long-Term Immunity than Infection
Jennifer Zieba, PhD | Aug 8, 2022
For the first time, researchers performed a head-to head longitudinal study comparing the immune response elicited by mRNA and traditional COVID-19 vaccines to primary infections.
The balance of mind and body on a seesaw
Psychological Stress Distracts the Immune System from Fighting Infections
Jennifer Zieba, PhD | Aug 8, 2022
Acute stress makes immune cells migrate immediately to the bone marrow, which prepares the body for injury at the expense of increasing infectious disease susceptibility.
3d illustration proteins with lymphocytes , t cells or cancer cells
New Patient Tumor Cell Models Rapidly Predict Cancer Therapy Outcomes
Jennifer Zieba, PhD | Jul 11, 2022
A new benchtop microfluidic device generates patient-derived tumor micro-organospheres that allow for real-time cancer therapy decisions.