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Katherine Irving

Katherine Irving is an intern at The Scientist. She studied creative writing, biology, and geology at Macalester College, where she honed her skills in journalism and podcast production and conducted research on dinosaur bones in Montana. Her work has previously been featured in Science.  

Articles by Katherine Irving
a fuzzy black and tan beetle chews on the bark of a pine tree sapling, whose needles can be seen in the background
Pine Trees’ Fragrances Help Neighbors Battle Bark Beetles
Katherine Irving | Sep 30, 2022
Polluted air impedes the trees’ ability to read each other’s signals, a study finds.
Lauren Gardner, this year's Lasker-Bloomberg Public Service Award winner, in front of the COVID-19 dashboard she helped create.
2022 Lasker Award Winners Announced
Katherine Irving | Sep 28, 2022
This year’s awards recognize work on integrins, noninvasive prenatal screening, and COVID-19 data tracking.
A person stands on top of a large pile of books, staring down upon another person far away on the ground.
“Extreme Inequality” Entrenched in Academic Hiring: Study
Katherine Irving | Sep 23, 2022
The United States gets roughly an eighth of its tenure-track professors from just five institutions, according to an analysis of nearly 300,000 faculty.
satellite image of Hurricane Fiona
Researchers Assess Setbacks After Hurricane Fiona
Katherine Irving | Sep 21, 2022
Some areas of Puerto Rico have been hit by flooding and high winds, but long power outages are also impeding scientists’ work.
People in protective gear enter a building during an Ebola simulation exercise in Uganda in 2019. 
Uganda Declares Ebola Outbreak After Fatality
Katherine Irving | Sep 20, 2022
The outbreak of the Sudan strain of ebolavirus, which includes eight other suspected cases, is the first to hit Uganda in more than a decade.
Chinese flag with surveillance cameras and mountains in background
Thermo Fisher DNA Collection Kits Purchased by Police in Tibet
Katherine Irving | Sep 19, 2022
Government documents suggest that Chinese authorities continue to use Thermo Fisher supplies in mass collection of DNA from minority groups.