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Lindsey Fitzharris

Lindsey Fitzharris, PhD, is a bestselling author with a doctorate in the history of science and medicine from the University of Oxford. Her debut book, The Butchering Art, won the PEN/E.O. Wilson Award for Literary Science and has been translated into 20 languages. Fitzharris writes regularly for a variety of publications, including The Wall Street JournalScientific AmericanThe GuardianThe Lancet, and New Scientist. Her television series on the Smithsonian Channel, The Curious Life and Death of…, explores some of the most mysterious deaths in history.

Articles by Lindsey Fitzharris
Surgery tools from World War 1
An excerpt from The Facemaker
Lindsey Fitzharris | Jun 13, 2022 | 5 min read
This new book tells the fascinating story of plastic surgery’s unlikely origin on WWI battlefields.