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Patience Asanga

Patience is a Nigeria-based freelance science journalist who writes about the environment, biotechnology, and life sciences. She is also the editor of aebsan, a student-run news outlet operated out of the University of Benin, Nigeria. Her writing has featured in aebsan, ICJS, and theGIST.

Articles by Patience Asanga
Calm lake reflecting sky with boat in foreground
Plastic Pollution Boosts Bacterial Growth in Lake Water
Patience Asanga | Jul 26, 2022
A study finds that not only did aquatic bacteria thrive when chemicals washed from degrading plastic were introduced into lake water, they also broke down organic matter more efficiently.
A single neutrophil white blood cell in the artery with red blood cells floating around it
Missing Y Chromosome in Mouse Blood Causes Heart Dysfunction
Patience Asanga | Jul 16, 2022
An analysis of human data from the UK biobank also finds an association between Y chromosome loss and heart disease in men.
An illustration of a mitochondrion, represented by a purple and orange bilayer, synthesizing reddish molecules of ATP.

Mitochondrial Protein Fuels Spread of Head and Neck Cancer 

Patience Asanga | Jul 8, 2022
Head and neck cancer cells lacking the peptide involved in energy production were less likely to metastasize in mice.
Sleeping mice in chambers with mosquitoes behind them on a mesh
Mosquitoes Drawn to Hosts Infected by Dengue, Zika
Patience Asanga | Jun 30, 2022
Flavivirus infections alter the skin microbiome of mice to increase the production of a sweet-smelling compound that attracts the viruses’ insect vectors, a study finds.
Illustration of peach-colored microglia among light blue neurons. Both cell types are illustrated with multiple jagged extensions coming out of a spherical cell body.
Mouse Immune Cells Destroy Nerves’ Coating, Causing Chronic Pain
Patience Asanga | Jun 9, 2022

A study suggests a way in which acute nerve injury could trigger an autoimmune response that leads to continuing pain in mice.

two muskoxen headbutting
Muskoxen Headbutts May Cause Brain Damage: Study
Patience Asanga | May 25, 2022
Researchers report molecular evidence of traumatic brain injury in headbutting animals, but other experts aren’t convinced.
illustration of purple mitochondrion within a cell
Rogue Mitochondria Turn Hermaphroditic Snails Female: Study
Patience Asanga | May 19, 2022
The accidental finding marks the first time a phenomenon called cytoplasmic sterility, known to occur in plants, has been found in animals.
A two-pronged needle, a glass vial of smallpox vaccine, and a syringe sit on a blue surface.
Smallpox Vaccine Recruits Skin Bacteria to Fight Disease
Patience Asanga | Apr 26, 2022
A mouse study points to a possible mechanism by which the smallpox vaccine helped eradicate the disease in the 1980s.