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Rashmi is a freelance science writer pursuing an MSc in microbiology at Northern Illinois University. She investigates the biochemistries of photosynthesis and whether we can find signs of microbial photosynthetic life on other worlds. She has a background in science journalism and hopes to continue making science accessible for all as she communicates her own research. Her writing appears in PBS NewsHour, Audubon Magazine, Symmetry Magazine, and the Fermilab newsroom.

Articles by Rashmi Shivni, Drug Discovery News
Researchers in George Church&rsquo;s lab modified wild type ADK proteins (left) in <em >E.coli</em>, furnishing them with an nonstandard amino acid (nsAA) meant to biocontain the resulting bacterial strain.
A Pioneer of The Multiplex Frontier
Rashmi Shivni, Drug Discovery News | May 20, 2023 | 10 min read
George Church is at it again, this time using multiplex gene editing to create virus-proof cells, improve organ transplant success, and protect elephants.