Rohini Subrahmanyam, PhD

Rohini Subrahmanyam is a postdoctoral researcher and aspiring science writer, currently at Harvard University. She works with human stem cells and brain organoids and did her PhD in neuroscience at NCBS, Bangalore. She loves writing about science and interesting creatures, ranging from zombie flies to regenerating worms.

Articles by Rohini Subrahmanyam, PhD
Image shows photorhabdus virulence cassettes (green) binding to insect cells (blue) prior to injection of payload proteins. 
Engineered Bacterial “Syringes” Can Deliver Drugs Into Human Cells
Rohini Subrahmanyam, PhD | Apr 20, 2023 | 4 min read
Researchers repurpose tiny bacterial injection systems to specifically inject a wide variety of proteins into human cells and living mice.