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Simar Bajaj

Simar Bajaj is a research fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital and Stanford University School of Medicine, where he studies health disparities, medical education, the impact of delayed treatment, and other issues surrounding obesity and cardiothoracic surgery. In addition to being a TEDx speaker and John Harvard Scholar, he is the recipient of the Veritas Award, the National Student Leadership Foundation scholarship, and the President’s Gold Volunteer Service Award. He has previously written for the New England Journal of MedicineThe LancetThe Washington PostThe Boston GlobeThe Guardianand Smithsonian Magazine.

Articles by Simar Bajaj
Why gut health matters. Your digestion are important. Horizontal poster. Medical infographic. Stomach function. Editable vector illustration in modern style. Healthcare and scientific concept
Opinion: Splashing Cold Water on Poop Transplants for Weight Loss
Simar Bajaj | Sep 1, 2022 | 4 min read
Gut microbiome–based solutions hold promise for addressing obesity, but are they overhyped?