Steven Hrycaj, PhD

Steven Hrycaj, PhD is the technical director of the Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Laboratory and co-director of the Rogel Cancer Center Tissue and Molecular Pathology (TMP) core at the University of Michigan Medical School. Hrycaj develops novel biomarkers for diagnostic and predictive purposes and works on quality assurance/improvement in IHC and diagnostic pathology.

Articles by Steven Hrycaj, PhD
<em >Immunohistochemistry: Origins, Tips, and a Look to the Future</em>
Immunohistochemistry: Origins, Tips, and a Look to the Future
Steven Hrycaj, PhD | Oct 17, 2023 | 7 min read
An essential staining technique with a long history, immunohistochemistry (IHC) is being upgraded for modern research and clinical applications.