Gluttonous spiders
Black widow spider
Image: Wikimedia commons, Vesper
Female black widow spiders can become wasteful killers when food is plentiful, attacking prey even when they're not hungry, an unusual phenomenon in the animal kingdom. "They're sort of like humans, when they're around a lot of food they become lazy and wasteful," Arizona State University biologist J. Chadwick Johnson linkurl:told Wired Science.; "They'll kill food they don't need, and leave some of it uneaten." Female spiders may display this gluttonous behavior to attract mates -- a well-fed female is less likely to eat her partner once they've finished copulating.The stress of monogamyMonogamy has its benefits -- a bonded pair can provide more consistent parental care and such a relationship reduces the likelihood of extra-pair mating. But for those who don't pair up early, finding a partner can be a stressful affair, and once they settle for Mr....
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