Supersize my Pipeline
Edyta Zielinska | Apr 1, 2009 | 5 min read
Will Exelixis's novel approach pay off in the current economic climate?
Personalized Meddling
Andrea Gawrylewski | Mar 1, 2009 | 5 min read
Frankie Trull wants to sell your company to Congress.
Profiting from Pluripotency
Elie Dolgin | Feb 1, 2009 | 5 min read
How companies plan to make money (really) off of embryonic stem cells.
The Mentorship Market
Bob Grant | Jan 1, 2009 | 5 min read
New organizations want to help you succeed in biotech - for free.
Morale Mire
Fran Hawthorne | Dec 1, 2008 | 5 min read
FDA scientists are increasingly unhappy, due to in-house pressures and public criticism. How can the agency restore what it once was?
Serotonin, Repurposed
Andrea Gawrylewski | Nov 1, 2008 | 6 min read
Immune Control CEO Stephen Roth is banking on a controversial hypothesis and is fashioning ways to block a neurotransmitter to fight autoimmune disease.
The Orphan Drug Act Turns 25
Bob Grant | Oct 1, 2008 | 6 min read
The legislation is credited with building biotech and spawning hundreds of drugs for rare diseases. So why do some analysts hesitate to call it a success?
Chasing Challenges
Andrea Gawrylewski | Sep 1, 2008 | 7 min read
AstraZeneca's Karen Gotting-Smith is using a newly-created position to tackle some old problems.
Success from Failure
Alla Katsnelson | Aug 1, 2008 | 7 min read
John Prakash was once denied a job because of the way he looked. Now he spends his career talking about why diversity is crucial to drug development.
Irreverent Genetics
Bob Grant | Jul 1, 2008 | 7 min read
At Merck, Eric Schadt takes an iconoclastic approach to drug discovery - and dressing.
Win, Place, or Cell
Margaret Guthrie | Jun 1, 2008 | 4 min read
Can a company harness stem cells to treat injured horses?
Dandruff Genomics
Brendan Borrell | May 1, 2008 | 7 min read
At Procter & Gamble, Thomas Dawson has led the charge to put more biology in every bottle of shampoo.
Reinventing the Antibody
Andrea Gawrylewski | Apr 1, 2008 | 7 min read
Coming up with an entirely new approach to cancer therapy can be a headache, as Micromet's Christian Itin has learned.
The People's CSO
Edyta Zielinska | Mar 1, 2008 | 7 min read
Millennium Pharmaceuticals' Joe Bolen has kept scientists' morale high through wrenching changes.
Tradition Mixes with Technology
Bob Grant | Feb 1, 2008 | 7 min read
At Taiwan's TCM Biotech, Ya-Chun Wang converts ancient Chinese secrets into modern pharmaceuticals - and gets the FDA to pay attention.
Reinventing the Sequencer
Kerry Grens | Jan 1, 2008 | 7 min read
Helicos' Bill Efcavitch is confident that he can produce a machine that can sequence a genome for $1,000 in ten days. It hasn't been an easy road.
The Birth of Biotech
Kelly Rae Chi | Dec 1, 2007 | 3 min read
How one company helped seed San Diego's industry.
An Antibiotic to the Rescue
Keith O'Brien | Oct 1, 2007 | 6 min read
How Cubist's Jeff Alder turned a devastating Phase III failure into an approval.
A Receptive Leader
Keith O'Brien | Sep 1, 2007 | 7 min read
Some executives would have left a company after being demoted. Graham Allaway didn't do that at the HIV therapeutics company Panacos, and it's better because of it.
Back to Basics
Kerry Grens | Aug 1, 2007 | 7 min read
Norbert Riedel's focus on science has helped pull Baxter out of a slump.