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Cancer's culprit
Cancer's culprit
Elie Dolgin | Mar 31, 2009
Breast cancer's genetic profile calls the cancer stem cell hypothesis into question.
Damage Control
Bob Grant | Feb 28, 2009
Researchers unlock a treasure trove of information about how cells sense and respond to DNA damage.
B2AR Laid Bare
Elie Dolgin | Jan 31, 2009
A snapshot of the adrenaline target opens the door to more high-resolution, 3-D crystal structures.
The Disputed Rise of Mammals
Jennifer Evans | Dec 31, 2008
Generating the most complete evolutionary tree for mammals sparks debate and discovery.
Navigating the Nucleosome
Charles Choi | Nov 30, 2008
Uncovering genomic instructions for how DNA is packaged reveals a new dimension of the genetic code.
A Potent Protein
Bob Grant | Oct 31, 2008
Identifying a key protein behind ALS redirects the fight against the disease.
Impeding PD-1
Megan Scudellari | Sep 30, 2008
The discovery that blocking an inhibitory immune receptor restores T cell function in HIV sheds light on immune dysfunction.
Canvassing Protein Complexes
David Secko | Aug 31, 2008
Two yeast studies begin to identify protein interactions on a genome-wide scale.
Restructuring Human Variation
Elie Dolgin | Jul 31, 2008
Investigators put deletions on the map of human genetic variation.
Calcium Signaling Out of the Gate
Alla Katsnelson | Jun 30, 2008
Uncovering the molecular identity of a strange cellular channel triggers a rush of discoveries in calcium regulation.