In Times of Trouble
Kerry Grens | Aug 1, 2012
Scientists share their experiences weathering extremely stressful events without letting their careers get completely derailed.
Motivate Your Lab
Edyta Zielinska | Jun 1, 2012
How to run an efficient and creative lab without micromanaging
Contributed Article: Landing a Job in Pharma
Alan Edwards | May 23, 2012
Scientists who pursue advanced degrees are typically smart. They are driven. And they are no doubt passionate about their work. But can they cut it in industry?
The Best of Both Worlds
Hannah Waters | Apr 1, 2012
Choosing to work in industry does not preclude a return to academe. But the move back takes some planning and finesse.
Female Frontrunners
Jef Akst | Feb 1, 2012
How to successfully surmount the challenges women face in becoming biotech industry leaders
Going Governmental
Rachel Nuwer | Dec 1, 2011
Federal agencies offer interesting opportunities for researchers looking to do more than bench work.
Poster Perfect
Poster Perfect
Edyta Zielinska | Sep 1, 2011
How to drive home your science with a visually pleasing poster
Balancing Biases
Jef Akst | Jul 1, 2011
How cognitive prejudices can influence research decisions, and how the pitfalls of human nature can be avoided.
Simplifying Teaching
Hannah Waters | May 25, 2011
How to make your teaching more efficient, effective, and enjoyable without slighting your lab projects.
Taking Time for Baby
Bob Grant | Mar 1, 2011
Having a child changes everything. But it doesn’t necessarily have to disrupt your research while you’re out on leave.