small orange frog
TINY CROAKER: Researchers recently reported that miniature frog species, such as this Brachycephalus ferruginus from Brazil, have problems staying stable when they jump due to a lack of nervous signals from their tiny inner ears. Posted: June 15, 2022
Luiz Fernando Ribeiro
ancient bone sample
MOBILE MASTODONS: By measuring isotope levels within ancient bone samples, scientists recently reported that American mastodons, like the adult male who bore this tusk discovered in northern Indiana, would travel hundreds of miles, presumably as part of an annual migration to breeding grounds. Posted: June 15, 2022
Jeremy Marble, University of Michigan News
pink robot finger
FINGERBOT: Researchers in Japan recently coated a robotic finger with living skin that can heal after injury with help from a collagen bandage. Posted: June 10, 2022
Shoji Takeuch
microscope view of fungus
FUNGUS AMONG US: A recent study suggested that glycans within human mucus inhibit the yeast Candida albicans from changing shapes from a short, round form (right) to a filamentous form (left) that is more likely to lead to infections. Posted: June 8, 2022
Julie Takagi
old film photograph of skeletons found in Pompeii building
POMPEII SEQUENCED: Scientists succeeded in generating genome sequences from the ancient remains of two individuals found at the Pompeii building “Casa del Fabbro,” translated as “House of the Blacksmith” Posted: May 26, 2022
Notizie degli scavi di antichità, 1934, P. 286, Fig 10