J.H. Weaver, J.L. Martins, T. Komeda, Y. Chen, T.R. Ohno, G.H. Kroll, N. Troullier, R.E. Huntler, R.E. Smalley, "Electronic structure of solid C60: Experiment and theory," Physical Review Letters, 66:1741-44, 1991.

John Weaver (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis): "The synthesis of macroscopic quantities of C60 has made it possible to explore the properties of fullerenes in the solid state, allowing comparison to gas phase results to determine the extent to which the molecule retains its molecular character in the solid. One of the principal ways to examine the effects of condensation, and our ability to describe the electronic properties, is to probe the electronic states spectroscopically and to compare these observations to calculations of those states."By combining detailed calculations of the electronic states for C60 in the face-centered cubic lattice with photoemission and inverse photoemission investigations of these states, we were able to demonstrate the largely molecular character of the solid....

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