Department of Chemistry University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pa.

Hindered organoaluminum Lewis acids are able to distinguish between structurally similar ethers based on small differences in the size of the ether substituents. Complexation chromatography allows the efficient separation of a mixture of two very closely related ethers based on their differing affinities for a supported aluminum complex.

K. Maruoka, S. Nagahara, H. Yamamoto, "Molecular recognition of ethers with modified organoaluminum reagents," Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS), 112, 6115-17, 1 August 1990. (Nagoya University, Japan)

Compared with polyoxoethers, relatively little is known about the complexation features of polythioethers. New data suggest that, while macrocyclization alone is not a powerful strategy for preorganization of a polythioether chelator, macrocyclization combined with well-placed substituents may lead to very powerful chelators.

J.M. Desper, S.H. Gellman, "Incremental preorganization of a chelating macrocycle," JACS, 112, 6732-4, 29 August 1990. (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

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