Citation Classic
50 Years Ago in Immunology
Jean Dausset | Jul 1, 2008
Editor's note: Citation Classics Commentaries were written by the authors of some of studies that were the most highly cited papers between 1961 and 1975. The essays were originally published between 1977 and 1993 in Current Contents, a publication of the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI), now Thomson Sc
25 Years Ago in Immunology
Francoise Barr?-Sinoussi | Jun 1, 2008
Identifying the retrovirus that causes AIDS
50 years ago in Biochemistry
Ronald Breslow | May 1, 2008
Demystifying a Key Biochemical Reaction
A cancer biologist recalls his work on immunosuppression.
Nathan Kaliss | Apr 1, 2008
A cancer biologist recalls his work on immunosuppression.
50 Years Ago in Pharmacology
Mahlon Hoagland | Mar 1, 2008
The first chemical method of measuring levels of catecholamine
50 Years Ago in Biochemistry
Mahlon Hoagland | Feb 1, 2008
The discovery of transfer RNA
50 Years Ago in Immunofluorescence
John L. Riggs | Jan 1, 2008
In a Citation Classic, a virologist recalls developing a green dye that is now a staple in immunofluorescence