Why Don't We Share Data?
Steven Wiley | Mar 31, 2009
There are so, so many reasons—and they make a lot of sense.
The Problem of Perception
Steven Wiley | Feb 28, 2009
Your interpretation of results depends on more than just the results.
Facts First
Steven Wiley | Jan 31, 2009
In my youth, I designed a cell biology course I thought grad students would love. They hated it.
Don't Fight to be Cited
Steven Wiley | Dec 31, 2008
Forget and - submit your papers to the journals read by your grant reviewers.
Here's To Intelligent Innovating
Steven Wiley | Nov 30, 2008
If you build a hammer, make sure you have something to nail.
Peer Review Isn't Perfect...
Steven Wiley | Oct 31, 2008
...But it's not a conspiracy designed to maintain the status quo.
Waiting for Einstein
Steven Wiley | Sep 30, 2008
The dawn of a unified theory of biology may finally be upon us.
My Favorite Fraud
Steven Wiley | Aug 31, 2008
A paper I read more than 25 years ago taught me a lesson I'll never forget.
Big Biology is Here to Stay
Steven Wiley | Jul 31, 2008
Why R01-funded biologists should throw their support behind large-scale research projects.
Research Locally, Think Globally
Steven Wiley | Jun 30, 2008
Focusing on details may get you published, but what do we lose in the process?