Google your Brain

Here's what a search engine for your cerebral cortex might look like

Jack Woodall
Apr 1, 2006

Once upon a long time ago, there was a B-movie called I'll Never Forget What's 'is Name. starring Oliver Reed and an aging Orson Welles, and notable for the first use in a movie of a common four-letter word (once). But I didn't remember those details - I got them off the internet through Google. As everyone knows, people my age who were alive to watch that 1967 production now have difficulty remembering names of people and places - yet, when reminded, the memory is still there.

Google has a program you can download onto your PC to search your entire hard drive. (Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in Google, but I sure wish I did!) I predict that the killer app of the future will be the invention of a search engine that will allow a search of our brain's entire hard drive.

Wouldn't you, regardless of...