Critic at Large
Genomics-Informed Pathology
Genomics-Informed Pathology
Dennis P. Wall and Peter J. Tonellato | Jan 1, 2013
Twenty-first century lab reports will include test results read by a new breed of pathologist.
The Value of Your Genome
The Value of Your Genome
James P. Evans and Jonathan S. Berg | Dec 1, 2012
Genome sequencing: it’s not for everyone
Genomic Inequality
Genomic Inequality
Todd Smith and Sandra Porter | Dec 1, 2012
To successfully use a patient’s genetic makeup in a clinical setting, we must better understand the incredible diversity of human genomes.
Military Mind Wars
Military Mind Wars
Jonathan D. Moreno | Nov 1, 2012
How neuroscience research can inform military counterintelligence tactics, and the moral responsibilities that accompany such research
Little Fish in a Big Pond
Little Fish in a Big Pond
Ellen K. Pikitch | Nov 1, 2012
Continued overfishing of forage fish such as sardines and herring can result in devastating ecological and economic outcomes.
Medicines for the World
Suerie Moon and Ellen â??t Hoen, Suerie Moon and Ellen â??t Hoen | Oct 1, 2012
A global R&D treaty could boost innovation and improve the health of the world’s poor—and rich.
Science and Democracy
Lewis M. Branscomb and Andrew A. Rosenberg | Oct 1, 2012
Researchers and conscientious citizens must unite against the partisan rancor in American politics and restore the role of scientific information in policymaking.
Stress Tests
H. Steven Wiley | Sep 1, 2012
Judiciously applied pressure could benefit the scientific system by providing an opportunity for renewal.
Bring On the Transparency Index
Adam Marcus and Ivan Oransky | Aug 1, 2012
Grading journals on how well they share information with readers will help deliver accountability to an industry that often lacks it.
Predatory Publishing
Jeffrey Beall | Aug 1, 2012
Overzealous open-access advocates are creating an exploitative environment, threatening the credibility of scholarly publishing.