Critic at Large
All’s Not Fair in Science and Publishing
Frederick Southwick | Jul 1, 2012
False credit for scientific discoveries threatens the success and pace of research.
Catherine Ulbricht | Jul 1, 2012
Dietary supplements can have serious side effects when mixed with prescription drugs, but not all herb-drug interactions are bad.
Food for Thought
Tom Brutnell and Wolf B. Frommer | Jun 1, 2012
Plant research remains grossly underfunded, despite the demand for increased crop production to support a growing population.
Regulations for Biosimilars
Lisa A. Haile and Kimberly K. Egan | Jun 1, 2012
As biologic drug patents begin to expire, generic versions will hit the market—but how will they be regulated?
Cooking Up Creative Solutions
H. Steven Wiley | May 1, 2012
More collaborators and more data are the key ingredients.
Reading Into the Future
Richard Smith | Apr 1, 2012
Will traditional scientific journals follow newspapers into oblivion?
Antibiotics in the Animals We Eat
Antibiotics in the Animals We Eat
Bonnie M. Marshall and Stuart B. Levy | Apr 1, 2012
Low-dose antibiotics in animal feed fuel drug-resistance in human infectious diseases.
One Year On
Nick Beresford and Jordi Vives i Batlle | Mar 1, 2012
Some thoughts about the ecological fallout from Fukushima
Learning by Doing
Sarah L. Simmons | Feb 1, 2012
Having freshmen perform research doesn’t just improve undergraduate learning, it convinces more students to become science majors.
Never Say Never
H. Steven Wiley | Feb 1, 2012
Novel observations can sometimes be correct for unexpected reasons.