All Hwang human cloning work fraudulent

Seoul National University report removes any lingering doubts, but says cloned dog was genuine

Ivan Oransky
Jan 9, 2006
A summary released today by Seoul National University (SNU) of an investigation into the work of Hwang Woo-Suk confirmed what many have feared and believed true since ethical and scientific doubts about his work began to surface in November: All of the human cloning claims made by Hwang were fabricated.The only bright spot in the investigation for the researcher, who resigned from SNU in December following an earlier report, was that Snuppy, the Afghan hound the team reported cloning in Nature in August, is a genuine clone. This conclusion matched the preliminary findings of an independent investigation by Nature, also released today."The research team of Professor Hwang does not possess patient-specific stem cell lines or any scientific bases for claiming having created one," the authors of the SNU report write in their summary, referring to a then-heralded 2005 Science paper in which Hwang's team claimed to have establish 11...