Judge to rule on chimp lawsuit

Decision will determine whether a scientist can seek damages from Ohio State University over chimp deaths

Kerry Grens
Mar 11, 2007
A judge is slated to make a decision this week regarding a lawsuit primate researcher Sally Boysen filed against her institution, Ohio State University (OSU), over the death of two of her research chimpanzees. Boysen claims the university is responsible for their demise, which took place after OSU closed its Chimp Center last year and relocated nine chimps and three monkeys.United States District Court in Southern Ohio Judge Algenon L. Marbley's judgment in the case will determine whether Boysen's claims against OSU have legal merit and will continue to trial. Boysen's attorney Sandy Spater told The Scientist that if the case goes to trial, Boysen could consider seeking damages from OSU over the deaths of the animals or try to return the others to the Chimp Center. Alternatively, Marbley could grant OSU's motion to dismiss the case. According to the university, The Chimp Center closed after Boysen, a professor of...