Lancet study faked

Investigation to probe all research conducted by scientist accused of fabricating results from 900 research participants

Stephen Pincock
Jan 15, 2006
A leading cancer hospital in Norway has begun appointing members of an independent review commission to investigate all the research conducted by one of its top scientists, Jon Sudbo, after claims emerged that he had completely fabricated a paper published last year in The Lancet associating long-term use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) with a lower risk of oral cancer.The Norwegian Radium Hospital in Oslo has appointed Anders Ekbom from the Karolinska Institute to lead the investigation, which will probe everything published by Sudbo, who was the lead author of the paper in question. In recent days, management at the hospital's Cancer Clinic has secured all data from his previous research for the purposes of the investigation."The commission "is supposed to start its investigation on Wednesday," hospital spokeswoman Trine Lind told The Scientist. "For safety's sake we have to look into everything."Last week, the hospital began investigating rumors...
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