Portraits of scientists, on display

This time, it's scientists who are under the lens - one attached to a camera, that is

Melinda Wenner
Jul 19, 2007
Photographer Max Gerber had only about half an hour to shoot each scientist, so he had to make quick decisions. When he met David Spector, cell biologist and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's director of research, Gerber knew he had to photograph him with his beloved microscope. "Scientists love their toys," he says.
But because of the shape of the room, Spector couldn't be shot using the equipment, as it would only reveal the back of his head. So Gerber asked Spector to sit on the floor instead -- and that took some convincing. But seeing the photograph now, Spector admits that Gerber "got it right."The fruits of Gerber's labor are on display through the end of the month at CSHL's Bush Auditorium, where the walls are adorned with 19 faces of the scientists, students and staff that keep the lab going.
The experience of being photographed reminded Spector...