Protease inhibitors: from clinic to canvas

At an HIV treatment and research center in California, ART (antiretroviral therapy) is inspiring art

Vanessa Schipani
Oct 13, 2010
The Stanford Positive Care Clinic -- like many health care clinics -- has artwork hanging on its walls. But the paintings that decorate this HIV treatment and research facility in Atherton, California, are more than just pleasing to the eyes -- they mean something. The three-panel series by abstract artist linkurl:David Putnam,; titled "Miracle of Hope," depicts protease inhibitors (PI), an integral class of antiretroviral drugs, conquering HIV in the body.
The "Miracle of Hope" series with artist,
David Putnam, at the Positive Care Clinic
Image: Martha Putnam
Optimism is a vital part of therapy at the Positive Care Clinic, says linkurl:Andrew Zolopa,; director of the center and principal investigator for Stanford's AIDS Clinical Trials Unit. Zolopa, who started the clinic in 1994, says he's witnessed the "miracle" of positive thinking first hand. "When the body can no longer fight the virus and the drugs no longer work, some AIDS...

Miracle of Hope
By David Putnam