Science and magic

Ladies and gentleman, feast your eyes on the first ever book about the neuroscience of illusion

Vanessa Schipani
Nov 4, 2010
For neurobiologists linkurl:Stephen Macknik; and linkurl:Susana Martinez-Conde,; what happened in Vegas, left Vegas and made it into the pages of their new book linkurl:Sleights of Mind,; a 300-page tour through consciousness, attention, and deception via the marriage of professional magic and cognitive neuroscience.
Courtesy Stephen Macknik
For years, researchers have studied the keen eye of painters to help understand the visual system and perception. But "magicians are artists of cognition," who use attention and awareness as their preferred media rather than paint or clay, says Martinez-Conde. The idea of "neuromagic," or the neuroscientific study of magic tricks, came to Macknik and Martinez-Conde, neuroscientists at the Barrow Neurologicial Institute (BNI) in Phoenix, when they were asked to lead the 2007 Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness (ASSC) annual conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Driving down the strip on their preliminary visit to Las Vegas, magicians were "festooned...
Sleights of MindsNew York Times
Contact juggler at the 24th FISM World Championships of Magic in Beijing.
Video shot by Stephen Macknik