Stem cell density highest in Israel

Israeli scientists published most stem cell articles per capita since 2000, although US produced most in total

Ned Stafford
Mar 20, 2006
Israeli scientists are the most prolific authors on a per capita basis of articles published in scientific journals related to stem cell research, with the US lagging in sixth place, and the UK falling in seventh place, according to a recently published study by the Central Library of the Research Center Jülich in Germany.Raphael Ball, director of Research Center Jülich's Central Library and an author of the study, told The Scientist that the strong showing on a per capita basis of Israel and other small nations indicates a strong national commitment for stem cell research, as well as good use of scientific and financial resources. "It could be that the efficiency in the US and other major (stem cell) nations is not as high as it could be," Ball said.From 2000-2004, Israeli scientists published 113 articles for each 1 million citizens, followed by Sweden with 82 articles...