Daily News
Opinion: On regulation
Andrew Ellington | Mar 3, 2011
Innovation is driven, in large part, by access to infrastructure -- if you can't make your own silicon chips, why should we worry about you making your own DNA?
News in a nutshell
Bob Grant | Mar 3, 2011
More iPS mutation worries, the benefits of invasive species, Hwang evacuated from Libya
Eye evolution questioned
Amy Maxmen | Mar 1, 2011
Invertebrates with vertebrate-like vision challenge the idea that the two groups of organisms have distinctly different visual receptors
Top 7 in molecular biology
Megan Scudellari | Mar 1, 2011
A snapshot of the most highly ranked articles in molecular biology and related areas, from Faculty of 1000
Behavior brief
Jef Akst | Mar 1, 2011
A round up of recent discoveries in behavior research
New mechanism for dementia?
Cristina Luiggi | Feb 28, 2011
The voracious clearing of injured and dying cells that could have otherwise recovered may contribute to neurodegenerative disease
Mad science?
Hannah Waters | Feb 25, 2011
A documentary about the research of neuroscientist Robert White goes beyond his macabre head-transplant experiments to highlight his contributions to science
Supplemental or detrimental?
Michele Solis | Feb 24, 2011
Journals debate the value of supplemental materials
Fungus fights malaria?
Hannah Waters | Feb 24, 2011
A genetically modified fungus that targets not mosquitoes, but the malaria parasites inside, could be a powerful tool for malaria eradication
Mud made of fish poop
Hannah Waters | Feb 22, 2011
Fish excrement found in seafloor sediment forces scientists to rethink the way they reconstruct earth's climate history